Electrical and Solar Energy Services in Fort McMurray

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Serving Northern Alberta for over 22 years

We have a solid core group of employees that have been with us for many years. This gives Powermax unmatched expertise in construction, service and maintenance, and projects of all sizes.

Our goal is to provide our customers with professional electrical technicians who take pride in what they do. We strive to continually fine tune our processes, find new opportunities, and grow our team. We like working closely with our clients to understand their schedules, budgets, and expectations. Long lasting partnerships with our clients is our goal.

Fort McMurray's Choice for Green and Renewable Energy

We strive to provide energy efficient and green solutions in all of our services. Talk to us today to discover how we can work with you to reduce strain on the environment, and your energy bill.

Our Services

We pride ourselves on providing excellent service and meeting or beating customer schedules and needs.

Electrical Services

Electrical Services

Powermax Electric and Solar exists to provide residents and commercial clients with high quality electrical products & services in Fort McMurray. We are well known for providing competitive electrical installations and repairs with a level of service unparalleled in the industry.

Solar Energy

Solar Energy

As we all know, Utility costs don’t go down!! Powermax Electric & Solar would like to help you save money on your electrical bills! Let our trained service technicians provide you with the information you need to help you make the right decision, and install your new solar panels, to help save you money!

Specialty Services

Specialty Services

We will track all of your equipment, create / update your equipment lists and blueprints, schedule and complete manufacture suggested preventative maintenance tasks, provide thermal imaging reports and power logging analysis to provide accurate costs to upgrade or repair equipment before it breaks.

Working with Fort McMurray Alberta

To Save You Money

Powermax Electric & Solar would like to help you save money on your electrical bills! What this means is, we work with Canadian Government to provide our customers with rebates on LED light products and light controls. Our goal is to replace your existing light fixtures to new, energy efficient, power saving products that save you money.