Green Rebates with Efficiency Alberta

Save money on your electrical bills!

Powermax Electric & Solar would like to help you save money on your electrical bills! What this means is, we work with the Canadian Government to provide our customers with rebates on LED light products and light controls. Our goal is to replace your existing light fixtures to new, energy efficient, power saving products to save you money.

Here are the steps to saving you money:

Step One

Let us review your electrical utility bills. We will determine how much electricity you use “keeping the lights on.”  12 months of electrical utility bills is great but we can work with what you have.

Step Two

We will conduct an audit on your business. This includes, counting light fixtures, analyzing you current fixtures, and then calculating how much energy the lights are using.

Step Three

We will interview you to determine a few items.  ie:  how long are your lights on each day, this will include all interior and exterior fixtures. We will also want to know what you have for lighting controls.  ie:  time clocks, programmable timers, photo-cells etc.

Step Four

Work with our suppliers and Fortis Electric and build your proposal.

Step Five

Meet with you, our customer and review our proposal. This will include specifically in detail;  

•   How much it currently costs to operate your existing lights.
•   How much it will cost to operate new LED lights.
•   Show how much money you will save every year.
•   How much the project will cost.
•   Show how long it will take to pay off the cost of the project.
•   Show how much money you will save over the life of the LED fixture.

Step Six

Schedule the project, complete the installation and let the Savings begin!!

And if you want to save even more money on your electrical utility bill!!  Talk to us about installing a SOLAR PV SYSTEM.