Fort McMurray Solar Systems

Solar PV Installation

There has never been a better tome to Go Solar.  Powermax Electric & Solar is dedicated to helping Canadians use solar electricity in their home and businesses.  We use our knowledge base and best equipment available to provide quality energy solutions.  Our systems are reliable, safe and durable.   We embrace renewable Energy.  Solar Energy takes advantage of the sun’s abundant light, converting it into usable electricity through photovoltaic panels. Given the universality of sunlight, this resource is virtually inexhaustible.  Two primary benefits support solar as a leading form of renewable energy:

  1. Lower Energy Bills:  The prospects of reducing or even eliminating power bills make solar systems a long term investment
  2. Environmental Impact:  Solar power systems don’t release harmful CO2 emissions, thus improving air quality and combatting climate change.

Not only can you solar power your home, but excess electricity produced can be exported to the grid when you receive a credit against future use.  Solar also converts your existing electricity expense into a solar investment that actually provides a return.  Protect yourself from rising utility costs while protecting the environment.


Solar PV is incredibly reliable and low maintenance.  All of our systems include product warranties of 10-25 years ensuring decades of free electricity with minimal maintenance requirements.  Here are the simple steps to get started on having a Solar PV System:

Step One – Let’s identify your Goals 

Most people have a reason for wanting to install a solar system. Examples would be:

  • Increased Property Value
  • Independent and/or reliable electricity
  • Doing their part for the environment
  • Financial return.

Step Two – Qualify the Customer:

  • Customer Budgets – How much money are you prepared to spend on a Solar PV system. There is a variety of payment options such as cash purchases, financing options.
  • We would like to review your electrical usage patterns. Maybe we can lower your usage by making changes such as LED lighting upgrades, lighting controls etc. The goal is to make your electrical usage as efficient as possible.

Step Three – Site Evaluation

  • We need to complete a roof assessment. Look at things such as is your roof south facing?
  • How old is your roof, and what is the roof material.
  • Roof measurements, pitch angle, GPS coordinates for weather data.
  • Electrical Service details – how much solar power can your existing electrical system handle. 

Step Four – Proposal 

We will provide you with a quote proposal and review it with you. Our proposal details:

  • Calculate how much the Solar PV system installation will cost.
  • Show the customer our estimates on how much energy the Solar PV system will generate per year.
  • Provide you with an Annualized rate of return.

Step Five – Signed Contract

  • Once we have a signed contract, we will go over the permits & paperwork. This will include the rebate and interconnection paperwork. We will then schedule the project and provide a project timeframe.

Step Six – Construct the SOLAR PV SYSTEM.

  • Install the Solar PV system and then pass the permit inspection process. 

Step Seven – Maintenance & Evaluation.

  • Once the installation is completed, we will follow up with you to answer any final questions you may have. 
  • We can also talk about an annual maintenance package which can include a check on the system. Make sure the Solar PV monitoring system is working, discuss panel cleaning etc.

And we want to know how we did!!  Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.