Electrical Services in Fort McMurray

Serving Fort McMurray For Over Two Decades

Powermax Electric and Solar exists to provide residents and commercial clients with high quality electrical products & services in Fort McMurray. As Powermax is well known for providing competitive electrical installations and repairs with a level of service unparalleled in the industry. Our electricians and supervisors provide the measure of customer satisfaction that builds lasting relationships with our clients. 

Our electricians are licensed and highly trained. Providing the highest level of service, with comprehensive electrical and safety training, to get the job done right.

We specialize in troubleshooting electrical systems, construction projects of all sizes, renovations and design builds, Thermal Image Scanning, energy audits, LED Lighting upgrades, generation power systems, power distribution analysis and more.

Talk to Us About EV Chargers

At Powermax, we're excited to help you transition to electric vehicles (EVs). EVs are environmentally friendly, reducing reliance on gasoline and lowering emissions. To support this shift, we provide top-quality EV chargers for your home, making it convenient and cost-effective to charge your vehicle overnight. The Canadian government offers incentives to make these chargers more affordable, and having one can increase your property’s value. Talk to us today about how an EV charger can save you time, money, and contribute to a greener future.