Our Safety Record

Safety is Our Top Priority

At Powermax Contracting we have a goal of “zero incidents” and we are committed to making this outcome a reality for our projects.  We believe in consistently measuring and improving safety performance due to this philosophy.  We have been successful in achieving a Certificate of Recognition (COR) for many years.

We educate and train through:

  • Weekly “toolbox” meetings
  • Safety Meetings
  • Daily “Tailgate” meetings
  • Hazard awareness and identification
  • Specialized and specific training
  • Work Plans
  • Individual Field Level Risk Assessments

We observe by:

  • Frequent site inspections from all levels
  • Near miss/ incident / accident investigations
  • Safety audits

On our work sites everyone has a responsibility towards accident prevention and everyone is accountable.  This is a clear demonstration of the involvement of senior management in all aspects of the safety program.  Management and supervision staffs are evaluated on safety performance.  An injury and accident free workplace is our goal.  Through continuous safety and loss control improvement efforts, we work toward this goal every day.